Monday, 13 January 2014

Our walk today in Cannon Hall!!:):)

Hello my fellow blogers, this morning I have been on a walk to Cannon Hall with mum and the dog, it took us around half an hour to walk all the way round and we had a very pleasant wander.

All the way round me and mum were takeing pictures and laughing at the dog. Our dog is not terrified of water but he won't touch a drop, there is a place in Cannon Hall called the fairy garden which is a lovely little area in the summer and winter. In the summer the ducks and their babys come and have a swim,in the winter its frosty and the grass has the sound of a loud CRUNCH to it when you stand on it.

On the way back we saw a Heron in a field, it was AMAZING however I could not get close enough so I found a picture online. Then we have come back for lunch and a cup of tea before we go out again for a bike ride!!:):):):)

Now for pictures!!:):)

Thanks for reading!!!:):):):):)x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Homeschoolers in Yorkshire!!:)

Hey everybody, today I would like to ask you all if there are any homeschoold or unschooled kids in yorkshire. The reason I am asking is my mum and family think I should be mixing with more home/unschooling kids. Plus i myself would like to know more home/unschooled kids to talk to and get to know people. So if you know people or are home/unschooled please leave a coment so i can get in touch and meet you or them!!:):):):):):)

Plus my blog is linked to Instagram and Twitter!!:):):):):):):)


Our walk today!!:):)

Hello my fellow blogers, today I have been on a walk to newmilldam with Elliott Mum and and the dog. It took us about 1 hour to walk all the way round, me and Elliott played in the leaves and every time we talked near the lake he told me he was going to push me in hahhahahahaah!!!!!!!:):):)

I got some great pictures of us all and the woods. I had a really nice walk however it was freezing but we had laugh. Then tonight we have been to Emma's house for a meeting about what we are going to do in the future for me and evie and everybody has taken on bored what everyone has said, so hopeing things go great for us two.!!

Now I'll show you some picture of the walk hope you enjoy!!!:):):)
This is a really cool bench that you come across on your walk!!!:):):)
A close up
Me about to fall falt on my face!!!!:):):):)
Elliott play in the woods!!!:):):)
Me and Elliott!!!:):)
Oh and this is my wonderful mum!!!:):):)

Thanks for reading!!!!:):):):)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Out with the old and in with the new!!:):)

Hey my fellow bloges I thought I should maybe tell you about what I LOVE doing in my spare time, which is. Well I love doing alot of things like, drawing but I like doing a perticlar type of drawing which is Manga and a manga person can be spotted by big eyes and amazing hair or that's how I spot them anyway. I also love something called Quilling which is a long strip of paper that you place on a plastic stick and wrap around, then glue the end and then stick on. That is then your Quilling roll. Hamma beads is another crafty thing I love doing, at the moment I have a superhero picture waiting to be put up and what I really want to do is make some superhero hamma beads to stick around it, so it can be AMAZING!!:):):)

I hope everybody that reads this had a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!:):) I hope 2014 is going to be the best year ever!!!:):):)

This is a picture of all this things I have just told you all!!):):):)
These are my hamma beads I had already made, hopeing to make more!!:):)

This is the Qilling I was telling you about the plactic stick you can see is what you wrap the colourd paper around. This a great crfy thing to do its easy fun and if your not very crafty why not have a try!!:):)
Thought it was a good shot haha!!:):):)

This is a manga emo girl as you can see she has big eyes however this one doesnt have the crazyest hair ever so I will show you another!!!!:):)
Carzy hair!!!!:):):):)

These are some great eyes for manga!!!:):):):):))

Thanks for reading!!:):):)x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Our Solar System!!!:)

Hello my fellow bloggers today i've been asked to write a blog post about our solar system, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it.
I will tell you about our Sun tehen about the solar system.
The sun is a star in the middle of our solar system and is at the age of 4.6 billion year old. The sun is a yellow dwarf andnis almost a perfect sphere, the surface temperature of 5500*c.

The solar system, the solar is the planetary system around the sun. Eight planets or it the sun, four smaller planets known as terrstrial planets.

The four outer planets known as 'Gas Giants' are much bigger than the terrestrial planets up untill 2006 there was 9 planets however Pluto the very outer planetis now classed as a dwarf planet.

At the centre of the solar system is anstar known as the Sun. All the planets obit the sun. On Earth it takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the sun, so the earth orbits the sun once a year some planets have much longer years than ours and some have much shorter years.

BUCKET - O - BEADS!!:):)

Me and my cousin Evie have started our own buisness called BUCKET - O -BEADS. BUCKET - O -BEADS is a buisness where we make lots of cool and crazy stuff out of Hammer beads. We sell all our things at a coffee morning down in Darton, and we sell them at the paint a pot shop in Darton, however all the money that comes from paint a pot I'm donating it to the Barnsley Hospice to do my share in fundraising. Also we are doing a sponserd walk around Canon Hall park and all that money will be givein to the Hospice!!:):):
So here are some pictures of some of the things we make and sell!!:):):)
I really hope you come down and have a look at what we make, because we make more than these!!:):):):)
I really hope you come down and have a look at what we make, because we make more than these!!:):):):)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old pictures

Not so long ago I was on the internet looking at something called flicker, looking at my sister Emmas pictures she had put years and years ago. I when came across some old pictures of me and Evie when we were little. I also found pictures of the rest of the family from years and years ago.
So i thought I could show you show pictures of when I and Evie were little!!:):):)):)
This is one of me in Evies clothes!!:):)
This is Evie when she was about 5 or 6!!:)) All on Mica!!:):)
Me on Halloween when i was about 5 or 6!!:):)
Best friends for EVER!!!:):)):)
Me and Evie were about 5 and 6. And not that ago we did the same picture and here it is!!:):):)